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Candidates Testimonials

"Please find attached my last timesheet before I commence permanent employment. Thank you once again for the help and support that you and the team at Harris Lord have always provided. I really do feel very proud to have worked for Harris Lord." Paula


“I have worked as a temp through Harris Lord, for a few years now. Previous to this I had a permanent position at a large local company and was made redundant after 18 years, so having to look for work again, and go through an interview again, was a very daunting and worrying process, but the moment I walked through the doors of Harris Lord all the staff, from the Receptionist, all of the Consultants and Payroll, made me feel at ease straight away and very welcome, it is like being part of a very big family, they are always there for me if I need advice, also very encouraging and highly professional. I had registered with other agencies in the area, but never heard from them unless I made contact, unlike Harris Lord, they are always on the case, and they have continued to support and encourage me in my current temporary post, which started off as a 3 month contract, but is now heading towards 2 years (and long may it continue). Thank you Harris Lord for everything, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” Lyn


"I just wanted to say write and say thank you for your support and encouragement when I first came to Harris Lord. I'd completely lost my confidence after losing my job but left Harris Lord feeling a lot more positive. My new job is going well so far thanks to you building my confidence back up." Georgie


"Just a little note to thank you for all your help during my job search. I am settling in and starting to put some names to the 400 faces ! I also wanted to mention that of all the agencies I visited Harris Lord were, without a doubt, the most helpful and welcoming at a time that was quite daunting to me, and in particular your level of customer service was second to none. Please make sure you pass my comments to your manager, and if I need to find work again I will definitely be in touch, and recommend to others. Many thanks." Katy


"I would like to thank everyone at Harris Lord especially Justine. I found Harris Lord very professional and welcoming and extremely helpful. I am very pleased to have obtained a position and this would not have been possible without Harris Lord, once again thank for your help and hard work." Laura


"Well, my final day is here, and how odd it feels - I feel relieved and also sad, excited and also nervous.I will see you all again (particularly if I become one of your temps!!), but just wanted to say how much of a fan of Harris Lord I am and how much I have enjoyed working with you. You have always been professional and helpful, and always with a personal touch. Thanks again, and see you all again soon. All the best." Claire


"Thank you very much for getting me this job, I am so lucky to be straight out of uni and into work, thank you for your persisitance!" Emma


"Thank you for looking after me whilst I was with Harris Lord." Kim


"I am emailing to let you know that I managed to get the job as Senior Scientist at AZ. I start in formulation development (solid and liquid dosage forms). So for now I will begin my career at AZ and I believe that your contribution played no small part in my success. Thank you." AM


"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help and advice in helping me get my new role. I was beginning to lose all hope in employment agencies, especially the ones who register you and then conveniently forget about contacting you ever again! However the help and support you have given me since I registered has been brilliant, I have never known an agency spend so much time and effort in contacting me, keeping me updated with what was happening and making sure I had the best preparation possible for the interview. I still don’t think it has fully sunk in yet that I am going back to work yet and I’m sorry if I was a bit dizzy on the phone on Monday, I was just a bit shell shocked! I am sorry the present is not a bit grander but unfortunately job seekers allowance doesn’t stretch to too many presents but I am sure you will enjoy them! I will be recommending you to all my friends and please don’t take this the wrong way when I say I hope I don’t have to use your service in the future but if I do, I will know who to contact.Thank you." Sarah


"I have been registered with Harris Lord for several years, they are the one agency that I can honestly say find me work and that I can rely on. I have had permanent jobs in different areas and always come back to Harris Lord when I need to find work. I am registered with a number of recruitment agencies yet I hardly ever hear from any of the rest. Harris Lord do their best to find you work, and if they can't they call you regularly for an update. It's great that you get the same person everytime so you can build a good working relationship with them, they know you by name, you're not just a figure to reach a target. It doesn't feel like it's all about money with them, it feels like they try and fit a job to your requirements, unlike a lot of agencies that tend to just want to get you in any job so they get their money. Harris Lord have always been friendly and efficient and I have recommended them to people." Claire


"My experience with Harris Lord has always been extremely positive. The staff were not only highly professional and proactive on a business level, but kind and caring individuals on a personal level, which was so important in my search for employment. Not having a job is often an uncomfortable and unhappy situation to be in, and the staff at Harris Lord helped me to go forward with a greater sense of confidence in my abilities and skillset. Working as a temp I felt completely at ease knowing that the role and environment in which I would work was a good fit for me, my capabilities and my personality, as the staff really knew me as a person. I received sound advice pre and post interview, was accompanied in person to interview and any queries or questions I had were always answered in an efficient and effective way." Alexi


"Not having been involved with temp work for many years, it was with some trepidation that I walked into the offices of Harris Lord. I was quickly put at ease with my advisor, and after filling out the required paperwork she was able to place me in a post in which I was very happy with for five months. Much to my delight after only a short break my consultant has now secured a new position for me on a long term contact within the same organisation resulting in ongoing employment for which I am very grateful. In contrast with other agencies that I had registered with but had received no response from, this has proved to be a positive experience which I hope continues into the future." Denise