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CV Tips

A few frightening statistics!

Average time looking at a CV is 7 seconds.

First applications are received 200 seconds after a job is posted.

One spelling or grammar mistake and your CV will be rejected.

One in three employers rejected candidates based on something they found out about them online.

An average of 250 CVs are received for each job position.

68% of employers will find you on Facebook.

76% of CVs are ignored if your email address is unprofessional.

So how do you make your CV stand out?

Keep your CV to a maximum of 3 pages.

Ensure your CV is well laid out, clear and easy to read - avoiding colours and fancy fonts.

Make sure you proof read your CV for mistakes at least two times and then get someone else to check it.

A Bullet point format can help to keep the layout short and specific.

If applying for a particular job, pick out the key words from the advert and ensure they are included in your CV or covering letter. Understanding the job description is essential, be sure to highlight your strengths in regard to the position. There is no such thing as a generic CV (yes there are basic requirements) but remember to tailor it according to your specific skill set.

Write your CV in third person, but not using your name and avoid using “I”.

Use a personal profile which should be an overview covering strengths, experience and position sought.

Start with your current/latest job, include company name, position and dates worked.

Use strong action words, define achievements and quantify results if possible by quoting financial, production or award terms where applicable.

Keep hobbies and interests brief. Include particular interests or activities which emphasize your unique skills and initiative. This could be a position of authority or responsibility outside of your regular employment.

Remember your CV and covering letter are the first thing a new employer sees. This is your opportunity to showcase your achievements it is important that applicants put modesty aside and show self-confidence in your CV. Having confidence in yourself will only promote a potential employer's confidence in you!